About Us

Gold is the dearest metal of India and hallmarking is its guardian. It is quite certain that over the last decade hallmarking has created a standard in purity for gold jewellery which unequivocally benefits and safeguards its customers. The symbolic presentation guarantees purity of gold and Siddhartha assaying & hallmarking centre. guarantees credibility of the hallmarking scheme of BIS - the National Standards Body in this regard.

My journey from an alchemist to an entrepreneur of my refinery- Siddhartha assaying & hallmarking centrehas witnessed the initiative of the central government to introduce a transparent and scientific system for certifying the purity of gold on the time when a standard benchmark for the same was a necessity rather than fancy for a nation where precious metals are an indispensable part of daily life.

The SAHC family heartily welcomes one and all.